Energy Services Division


Improving Bottom Lines Through Smart Energy Investments

A Division of MidEnterprises, LLC

Exclusive Access to Pre-Qualified Installers
We are pleased to share our unique Marketplace for commercial businesses of all types to take advantage of exclusive access to state of the art improvements implemented by pre-qualified network of installers including your own.

What’s Included?
Choose from a variety of technologies to improve customer comfort/experience, worker productivity, product safety while enhancing property value:

     Building Automation
      Domestic Hot Water
      Parking lot lighting

We’ve built a marketplace to facilitate the procurement and eliminate the hassle of managing projects while running your business. Our marketplace provides a competitive and convenient environment to access top installers in your area or region; acting on your behalf, we procure improvements for your business with complete transparency.

Need Funding?
We work with top lenders specializing in property improvement based projects using a variety of mechanisms including PACE Finance, grants and  along with commercial leasing.  We also identify and quantify rebates, incentives and subsidies (where available) to minimize capex while incorporating latest tax strategies like ITCs and accelerated depreciation strategies to maximize cash flows. Check out funding options for more information.

Who are the Installers?
All our local and regional installers have proper licensing, certifications and completed
thorough background checks to​ insure hassle free implementation.

Why Work with Us?
We use licensed and certified professionals with over 20 years of project finance experience to develop and procure projects on your behalf.  Set project financial targets based on your business objectives and parameters, by contracting directly with installers, mark-ups and/or hidden fees can be eliminated.

Take a Closer Look

Lower Operating Expenses, Improve NOI with Energy Efficiency Improvements

Featured Projects

  • We work on your behalf to identify best value options using pre-screened suppliers.​​

  • Evaluate competitive proposals using transparent procurement process.

  • Search and incorporate rebates and incentives where available.

  • Develop project financial analyses for client review.

  • Arrange funding with commercial lendors.

  • Provide on-going verification and closeout services.