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What Are the Economic Benefits for Replacing Current Lighting with Efficient Type?

Federal tax deduction of $0.60 per square foot for putting in energy-efficient lighting and the associated controls. Have a certification completed and the benefits are a simple line item adjustment to your tax return. A 200,000-square foot warehouse will generate $120,000 in tax deductions when properly renovated.

Utility Rebates - In the same way you get a rebate for buying a new energy-efficient refrigerator, you are also entitled to rebates from the utility for installing energy-efficient lighting.

Energy Savings - Simply put, a new lighting system can reduce your power usage up to 80 percent; with energy costs representing a signifcant cost to your business, savings immediately improve your bottom line,

IRS Section 1245/1250 - After a renovation is completed, some of the assets may be considered personal property by the IRS. These assets qualify for bonus depreciation.

bandonment - When a property undergoes renovation, such as adding new lighting or a new HVAC system, the old systems are abandoned for accounting purposes. This means that the net book value of the asset is written off as a loss (i.e., taken as a tax deduction). This deduction can provide significant economic benefit to the property owner.

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