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Procurement Services 

Putting the Power of Knowledge to Work for Your Organization

Where Engineering and Business Meet

Whether it's putting an enterprise-wide purchasing strategy for capital equipment or procuring a site specific project, we've got you covered.  Our diverse and experienced team is a valuable resource to engage for short term and often urgent needs or on-going initiatives.  We combine our expertise of major facility operating systems in buildings from HVAC to emergency power support systems to competitive energy - identifying and evaluating qualified suppliers.  Deliverables are based on specific client needs:  often leading to preparation of solicitation documents including Request for Quotations accompanied by evaluation and recommendations.

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Combining engineering skills, building performance knowledge and leading edge analytical tools including latest standards, our team delivers timely and quality results you can count on - again and again.

We align our expertise of how buildings operate and perform with changing markets to identify the best options based on your unique business objectives.  It's what we do and we do it well.


 Prepare Solicitation Documents    (RFQ) 

 Develop Specifications 

 Manage and Oversee Competitive   Bidding 

 Bid Analysis and Tabulation 

 Legal Contract Review 

 Negotiating Final Agreements 

Present Results/Recommendation 

 Develop Budget and Purchasing   Strategy 
 Market Analysis 

 Performance Reporting 

In-house staff may lack subject matter expertise or time to manage procurement.

Purchasing timelines drive schedules for deliverables.​​

Markets can change abruptly and without notice
Suppliers have unique characteristics and impose their own contracts and terms and conditions



Standardized equipment and installation

Preventive maintenance programs

Budget certainty

Risk Mitigation

Cost Savings

Planned Replacement

Improved quality and predictability of installations and transactions

Optimize purchasing windows based on market conditions and supplier incentives

Longer asset lives through reduced failure rates
On-going program support for company wide deployment

On-going advisory services with regularly scheduled planning sessions