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​​Energy Storage

Good news for commercial energy storage:

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Latest findings reveal at least nine states – California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and New York – where it is possible for storage to earn at least a 5% internal rate of return (IRR) based on current demand charges and declining storage costs.

source:  GTM Research - The Economics of Commercial Energy Storage in the U.S.​​
End-to-End Expertise
Reduce costs with our unique combination of advanced battery technology plus in-depth building knowledge. Johnson Controls brings you the holistic energy storage solution that works best with your specific application, in front of or behind the meter.
Lowest Lifecycle Cost
Maximize asset life with adaptive algorithms that increase flexibility. Capture the benefits of premium, long-life battery technology; global manufacturing capabilities to provide quality at scale; and outstanding customer support, backed by North America’s largest service network.

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Heading 3

Heading 3

  1. Seamless Control Integration
    Whether it's behind the meter or utility scale, latest control technology adapts to your operating environment with minimum configuration required.
  2. Proven Technology
    Already a world leader in battery technology, Johnson Controls applies this expertise to produce an industry leading distributed energy technology
  3. Service Available
    Should you need scheduled or on call maintenance services, Johnson Controls has over 125 branch offices located throughout the US with factory trained technicians to serve you.